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ATL Education Foundation

IT Security Training

ATL Education Foundation has been established with an aim to provide an impulse to the young generation of India and make them learn at a pace which helps them sustain in the rapidly growing economy. Considering that more than 70% of Indian population in their 20s or 30s and a positive outlook of the Indian economy, we decided to step forward and think about the vulnerable sections of the society. ATL Education Foundation, thus, aims to connect the mass which has been pushed aside during economic evolution, to the mainstream growth of the country. ATL Education Foundation aspires to be the best friend and the best institute for the rural youth of India by providing them high quality Information security training and IT security training .

We strive to build career for rural India and also act as a vital force in development of the nation. We aim to foresee upcoming opportunities which can empower the agrarian communities. With the advent of the Information Age, and India being a leader across the globe, we see a rising opportunity for rural India. The veiled talent of rural India, when matched with the upcoming requirements in the Information Age, can lead to creating inexhaustible ripples in system. At ATL Education Foundation, we are attempting to connect the two to unfold limitless ocean of opportunities .To build a sustainable IT ecosystem, it is important to insure that it is well protected from adversities. We, at ATL Education Foundation, believe this balance in the IT environment has to be brought about by building a robust security system around it. Consequently, Information security shall play a pivotal role by constructing a rigid wall around the web ecosystem.

Connecting the dots to see a bigger picture, we aim to connect the rural youth with the concept of information security and equip them with advanced technical training in the fields like Embedded Systems & Robotics, Networking, CCNA, CCNP, MATLAB, PLC, SCADA, Software Testing, VLSI, PHP Programming, Mobile Application development, Android, SEO, SEM, AutoCAD, Cloud Computing etc, so that they can become IT leaders in this age of Information and Communications.

We also offer high level vocational courses in advanced technology of Internet Marketing, Secured Programming in Java, Secured Programming in .Net with C, which can be directly mapped to industry needs and facilitate absorption of the rural youth in the fast growing Indian economy.

The foundation is focused on building an empire in the information security space and simultaneously propels the growth of Indian economy by creating futuristic job opportunities. And we offer all of this at an honorarium which is much lesser than what the corporate or professional training programs entail. We believe if we connect the dots and build a workforce starting today, we can one day not only be an indispensable part of Indian economy but also will turn into nation’s largest information security brand.